Actual News:
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  • Valve still doesn't care about Left 4 Dead 2
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  • SirPlease nominated for best Server Host
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  • ZoneMod is still Rank #1 on the list of most balanced Competitive Configs
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  • Custom Campaign Tournament #5 is on its way
An Open Community

While we started off focusing on the Competitive part of the L4D2 Community, we’re also slowly but surely adding more and more support for non-competitive Gamemodes and allow (almost) anyone to make use of the Servers.


That’s right, SirPlease hosts Events and Tournaments quite often. Free for the Community to enjoy, if you’re lucky you might just cash in some prizes!

High Quality & DDoS Protected  Game Servers
We work hard to keep our Servers running at Peak performance, all our Servers run a constant 100 Tickrate and are a 100% lag-free.

Our Worldwide Server Presence

  • EU: France
  • US: New York
  • US: Chicago
  • US: Dallas
  • US: Los Angeles