The Left4Dead2 Community for you.

An Open Community

While we started off focusing on the Competitive part of the L4D2 Community, we’re also slowly but surely adding more and more support for non-competitive Gamemodes and allow (almost) anyone to make use of the Servers.


That’s right, SirPlease hosts Events and Tournaments quite often. Free for the Community to enjoy, if you’re lucky you might just cash in some prizes!

High Quality & DDoS Protected  Game Servers
We work hard to keep our Servers running at Peak performance, all our Servers run a constant 100 Tickrate and are a 100% lag-free.
Fair & Active Adminning
We only allow those that are capable of remaining professional when it comes to banning players to Admin in our Community. Even after you’ve been banned you’re allowed to protest your ban, as long as you do it in a respectful manner.
Cheat Detection
We have loads of methods in place to detect Cheaters that have already caught plenty of players attempting to ruin other people’s experience or just make themselves look better by using 3rd party software. While Cheating can never be completely blocked, we still do our best to ensure we catch most. We keep adding on to our pile of methods to detect cheaters and have a “Ban Wave” every 2 weeks.

Our Worldwide Server Presence

  • EU: France
  • US: New York
  • US: Chicago
  • US: Dallas
  • US: Los Angeles
  • AUS: Sydney

What are you waiting for?!

About Us

The Beginning

An individual named “Artificial Intelligence” decided to form a group where he’d host Servers for the European Community as he was not pleased with the state of affairs at the time (2011).

The Road so Far

We have dealt (and are dealing) with DDoS Attacks, Cheaters, Smurf Accounts and what not. We have learnt how to handle every situation professionally and how to prevent “nasty” stuff from happening in the future.

Our Goals

We wish to provide Cheater-free, Optimized and Fun Servers all over the Planet. Providing both Cooperative and Versus Matchmodes to everyone in “dire need”.  A Community where you can rely on Admins to act professionally and maturely, with a joke here and there of course 😉